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Waking up in the morning is always associated with drowsiness and even some laziness. To cheer up, some people immediately brew themselves a fragrant coffee, others start the day with a shower. And only a few wake up with the help of morning exercises. As practice shows, it is those who cheer up the body with physical education that quickly switch to active mode. So, what is the benefit of charging? What is it for? And what exercises are better to do in the morning?
To be or not to be morning exercise

Have you ever noticed how many people are in a bad mood in the morning? Doctors believe that one of the reasons for this condition is hypokinesia. In other words, in the absence of physical activity. No surprise there. The developed muscles send a sufficient number of impulses to the brain, thanks to which it actively adjusts to the working mood.

People who refuse to exercise in the morning often suffer from nervous excitability, experience chronic fatigue. They complain of a lack of energy and vigor in the morning. And only by noon, such people note an increase in activity.

Why do I need charging?

The human body is not able to fully wake up at the sound of an alarm clock. And even at the moment when you have already got out of bed, all the internal organs and systems still continue to “rest”.

During sleep, blood circulation slows down, metabolism slows down, and mental activity decreases. That is why during the awakening, a person feels a slight lethargy. He has a reduced working capacity, both physical and mental. In the morning, the reaction rate is significantly worsened.
It is better to teach your child from early childhood to morning exercises

This condition can last (depending on individual characteristics) from 1 to 3 hours. To fully wake up and shake off such “inhibition”, it is necessary to develop joints and muscles. In other words, you just need to do the exercises.
What is the use of charging?

Since childhood, our parents have been telling us about the need to exercise. Only a few meekly listened to such recommendations. And most people, before starting to do morning exercises, try to understand what is so valuable it brings.

Physical activity in the morning provides the following.
Gives you energy

The human body wakes up much faster and more actively if even a small charge was made. After physical education, blood circulation is activated. All organs and tissues begin to actively saturate with oxygen. There is a surge of energy, improves well-being. The brain, which has received its portion of oxygen, is actively involved in the working process.
Improves physical fitness

Regular exercise leads to the strengthening of muscle tissue. Physical education has a positive effect on the condition of the spine and joints. Even simple and short-lasting gymnastics serves as an excellent prevention of the development of many diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Morning exercise stimulates the metabolism. Thanks to this, a person gradually acquires beautiful forms. Some muscles are pumped up, there is a slimness, the stomach is tightened.
Improves mood

Why do exercise when you can cheer yourself up with a cup of coffee? Alas! This is not true. A flavorful drink will not provide the energy and positivity that morning gymnastics will give.

Charging involves a set of simple exercises that are aimed at warming up the muscles and working out the joints. Morning physical education does not contain any excessive loads. And therefore it does not cause a feeling of fatigue or pain.

During exercise, the body increases the production of endorphins. These hormones of joy can significantly improve your mood and charge you with positive emotions for the whole day.

Strengthens your willpower

Having made the decision to do exercises, you need to force yourself to get up 10-15 minutes earlier. At first, with the right attitude and appropriate motivation, you can easily overcome this barrier.
You need to overcome yourself and get up in the morning

But over time, by about 20-21 days, serious difficulties may begin. Positive results by this time are still little noticeable. Therefore, obsessive thoughts begin to appear: “Why do I need this charge, it still does not give anything. It is better to sleep an extra 10-15 minutes.” It is at this moment that it is important not to succumb to such thoughts and overcome yourself. This “exercise” is great to pump your willpower.

Hal Elrod, in his world-famous book “The Magic of the Morning”, claims that after passing the crisis on the 21st day and reaching the 30th day, you will fully form a habit. Your body will wake up easily. And you will become positive about morning exercises.

Improves health

Morning exercise has a complex effect on the body. It activates blood circulation, accelerates metabolism. Thanks to the improved blood flow, all internal organs receive sufficient nutrition and begin to function much more actively.

The benefits of morning exercise are as follows::

strengthening the heart muscle;
improving the functioning of the respiratory system;
improving muscle elasticity;
normalization of the state of blood vessels, increasing their patency;
alignment of posture;
increased concentration of attention;
increased joint mobility;
brain stimulation;
increase stamina;
normalization of the vestibular apparatus.

Exercise is especially useful for those people who are forced to lead a sedentary lifestyle. For them, physical education is a necessity.

Morning exercises: basic rules and recommended exercises

There is another common misconception. Some people are sure that it is not necessary to do exercises in the morning. You can practice physical activity in the afternoon and even in the evening. If we are talking about morning exercises, then all experts agree on one thing: it should be in the morning, after waking up. After all, the main goal of such gymnastics is to charge a person with cheerfulness and energy for the whole day.
Before warming up, be sure to drink a glass of water
5 important recommendations

In order to maximize the benefits of charging in the morning, you must follow the following rules.
Duration of gymnastics

For those who are just starting to introduce morning exercise into their lives, it is recommended to plan a 10-minute exercise program. Over time, you can increase the time to 15 minutes. When the body fully adapts to the loads (after about 3-6 months), start increasing the charging time to half an hour.
Preparing for charging

Do not start gymnastics immediately after getting out of bed. The body still continues to sleep. Such loads will cause discomfort. Initially, you need to cheer up a little. To do this, it is recommended to wash your face, brush your teeth.

Be sure to drink a glass of water. The liquid that enters the body will provide blood thinning. Thanks to this, it will be possible to normalize the load on the heart and blood vessels. But you should not have a snack before charging. Perform all exercises on an empty stomach.

Breakfast is recommended 20 minutes after the end of the morning exercise.

Add emotions

Charging should not only cheer up, but also improve your mood. Therefore, turn on your favorite music, saturate the air with aromatic oils (just do not overdo it) and do gymnastics. After physical education, be sure to praise yourself, celebrate all your achievements and do not forget about the encouragement.

In order for charging to bring significant benefits to the body, first ventilate the room. This can be done while you are washing your face. The influx of fresh air will saturate the body with a large amount of oxygen.
Regularity of classes

If you do exercises on a case-by-case basis, then you should not hope for positive results. Only daily classes will benefit. Moreover, the first results will be noticeable after 5-6 weeks of regular training.
Classes should be regular and productive

At this time, people usually note a decrease in stress levels, a positive attitude, a decrease in excitability and irritability. Practitioners of morning exercises claim that by the 5th-6th week, performance increases, discipline and perseverance increases. People become stronger and almost do not catch colds.
The right complex

Another important point that should not be overlooked is the correct set of exercises. Gymnastics should “start” all the organs and tissues. That is why the complex consists of exercises that work out all the muscles and joints.

One of the most common mistakes is to focus on one problem (especially for those who want to lose weight). If during physical education you warm up only the problem area, then you should not count on increasing the tone of the entire body.

3 components of the morning complex

Morning exercises should include three stages::

Warm-up. It can be done lying in bed. It includes stretching, breathing exercises. This complex may include light rotational movements of the hands, feet, and limbs.
The main complex. It consists of exercises that work through all the muscles and joints. They usually start with the neck, then move on to the shoulders, upper limbs. Now the turn comes to the muscles of the back, abdomen. Finish the main complex with swings of the legs.
Completion, or a hitch. After the main complex, walking on the spot and breathing exercises are recommended.

Recommended exercises

Special attention should be paid to the intensity of the loads. Morning exercise should be beneficial and energize, and not exhaust the body. That is why heavy exercises (with dumbbells, barbells, endurance, etc.) should be abandoned. Intensive training is best done after lunch. And in the morning, give preference to light, simple movements.

Morning exercises usually include the following groups of exercises:

Breathing exercises. It improves the functioning of the respiratory system and provides an active flow of oxygen to the internal organs.


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