Pediatric care services

This procedure establishes the rules for the provision of pediatric care by medical organizations, regardless of their organizational and legal form.

2. Medical pediatric care is provided in the form of:

primary health care;

emergency, including specialized, medical care;

specialized, including high-tech, medical care.

3. Medical pediatric care may be provided in the following conditions::

outside the medical organization (at the place where the ambulance team is called, as well as in the vehicle during medical evacuation);

on an outpatient basis (in conditions that do not provide for round-the-clock medical supervision and treatment), including at home when a medical professional is called;

in a day hospital (in conditions that provide for medical supervision and treatment during the day, but require round-the-clock medical supervision and treatment);

inpatient (in conditions that provide round-the-clock medical supervision and treatment).

4. Primary health care includes measures for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of diseases and conditions, medical rehabilitation, the formation of a healthy lifestyle and sanitary and hygienic education of the child population.

5. Primary health care includes:

primary pre-hospital health care;

primary medical health care;

primary specialized health care.

Primary health care is provided on an outpatient basis and in a day hospital.

6. Primary health care for children with children’s diseases in outpatient settings is provided by district pediatricians, general practitioners (family doctors), specialist doctors, and appropriate secondary medical personnel.

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