BP Zone Reviews: Enough to Maintain Normal Blood Pressure?

Being at the forefront of fighting fires means go through fires, flames, and smoke. That’s what firefighters do and when they rescue somebody from the fire, they need to do it quickly. With such hard tasks and heavy loads, they experience high heart rates for long periods, which negatively impacts their heart health. BP Zone supplement was designed especially for keeping your heart safe and healthy under heavy loads.

Before writing about a unique BP Zone supplement you hardly heard of and its relevance, we start from the things more widely known.

We all have heard about firefighters and the dangerous work they do every day to save human lives. Being at the forefront of the battle with fire for the lives of people and animals they risk their lives to save others. And for most of us, the most dangerous enemies of firefighters are fire and smoke. No doubt such a force of nature as fire, when got out of control, poses a great threat not only to living beings but to many valuable things and even buildings. And the smoke that accumulates in enclosed spaces during a fire is even more lethal than the open flames themselves as breathing it often kills the victim much faster than the flashes.

But the cause of death statistics for firefighters may be shocking. It turns out that about a half of 80 to 90 firefighters that die each year in the USA in the line of duty according to FEMA research die not of fire burns or smoke intoxication. About 45% of these brave men die of elevated blood pressure.

While it seems quite unexpected these numbers are, unfortunately, quite logical. As we all know, fighting fire takes not only courage and professional skill but a lot of effort. Imagine all the heavy gear firefighters need to wear and carry every time they answer the call and you will realize that firefighting is hard and exhausting work. However, not only it is physically hard but psychically too. No wonder that performing such a heavy task puts firefighters through a lot of stress both physical and moral. As a result, often even the strongest and toughest people have their heart and health fail.

It may seem that such a high rate of fatalities caused by high blood pressure relates only to firefighters and first responders but not ordinary people of other less risky occupations. But the practice shows that it’s a dangerous misconception and delusion! Ordinary people are no less exposed to the risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular system-related health issues than firefighters.

In fact, we all are in even more danger than first responders as we think that notwithstanding going through constant stress and periodic physical loads everything is ok with our cardiovascular system. While it’s not so and this delusion may prove fatal there is good news. Now we have natural and effective protection for our body called BP Zone.

What is BP Zone?

Primarily aimed at people whose way of life implies performing strenuous work, this modern food supplement was designed to protect the cardiovascular system (CVS) in general and the heart in particular. BP Zone protects the CVS from many negative processes occurring in our body due to age, nutrition, stress, or physical overload, which result in hypertension and similar cardiovascular system-related health issues. To put it simply, this supplement normalizes the blood flow by making your blood vessels widen and relax and reducing the heart tension by enabling it to pump blood more freely. Thus, BP Zone reduces your blood pressure to the normal rate and prevents heart-related issues.

How BP Zone Works?

The supplement triggers and supports the process called vasodilation or widening of blood vessels. The opposite process called vasoconstriction or narrowing of blood vessels often occurs in the body due to many reasons preventing the blood from flowing freely and raising our blood pressure. BP Zone provides the relaxation of smooth muscle cells within the walls of our blood vessels (arteries, veins). The supplement also acts to flush your body of extra fluid and salt deposits to prevent vasoconstriction occurrence in the future.

What is BP Zone Made Of?

BP Zone was created to be effective yet providing no negative impact on health contrary to many blood pressure normalizing drugs available on the market. BP Zone claim nowThat is why this food supplement contains only natural components, which undergone high-tech processing to extract their active substances. This combination provides efficiency and excludes side effects to improve and maintain one’s health. The product contains the following ingredients.

Hibiscus Flower Extract

The healing properties of this herb were known to ancient Egyptians and other Africa inhabitants. As archaeological data shows, in ancient times Egyptians used the herb for lowering body temperature and treat nerve issues. Africans used the Hibiscus flower to treat digestion-related issues. Recently it was discovered that this flower contains lots of antioxidants, which provide excess weight loss and can smooth digestion.

However, the main reason for including the Hibiscus flower extract in the BP Zone’s formula is its ability to promote flushing salts and excess fluid from the human body and maintain healthy blood pressure. The ability of Hibiscus to normalize blood pressure (to reduce the raised pressure by up to 35%) was proven by the research carried out by Tufts University and the University of Medical Sciences in Iran.


Scientifically speaking, this herbal component is able to reduce oxidative damage and arterial inflammation. Simply speaking, Saffron can maintain the internal health of blood vessels in the human body. Based on the research, inflammatory oxidative damage is considered to be the main culprit for many symptoms of old age, including the raised blood pressure.

The clinical research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology indicates the successful use of Saffron for improving the blood pressure by over 10% in the group of research subjects.


As it was mentioned before, cleaning your blood vessels and making their walls smooth and relaxed is essential for keeping your cardiovascular system healthy and fully functional. Blood vessels perform several critical functions for maintaining normal blood circulation and pressure, such as supplying body organs and tissues with indispensable oxygen and other vital nutrients, helping repair damaged organs via fresh blood, etc. Unfortunately though, there are molecules called reactive oxygenated species, which can produce an effect of “charred wood” touching the inner surface of your blood vessels.

Fortunately, the BP Zone contains the unique hawthorn berry, which can neutralize the negative impact of these harmful molecules. This is the explanation of why hawthorn has been used by doctors in America for treating circulatory conditions and improving heart health since the beginning of the nineteenth century.


This perennial plant is also known as red sage or Chinese sage is used in the supplement to help kill free radicals in the body, and help open up pinched arteries and blood vessels to normalize the blood flow.


Proceeding to the next BP Zone herbal ingredient it’s notable that in Tibetan folk medicine it is called the “King of Medicines” because of its ability to keep your cardiovascular system in a healthy condition. The herb we refer to is called Arjuna, and its effect is based on boosting nitric oxide levels for improving your blood flow. It was discovered that the consumption of Arjuna contributes to the increase of HDL-cholesterol level (or “good” cholesterol level) and strengthening the closing mechanism of the left heart ventricle in humans.

Nitric oxide level is very important as nitric acid molecules establish the interaction of nerve cells with blood vessels. In case of lack of nitric oxide molecules in some blood vessels, this interaction is broken and these vessels are “pinching” your blood flow because the nerve cells in this area can’t communicate with the blood vessels properly and command them to relax.

Nitric oxide is known to be normally produced on the interior surface of your arteries, but as you get older and go through more of oxidative stress the nitric oxide production lowers. Arjuna in BP Zone is responsible for restoring the normal production of this critical molecule.


Ginger’s specific application in BP Optimizer supplement is to make your blood platelets less sticky so they wouldn’t stick to each other and the walls of your blood vessels and obstruct the normal blood flow. As the recent research conducted by scientists from all over the world (Singapore, Belgium, Australia), ginger is effective in reducing blood platelet stickiness by detectable value. Another research published in the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Journal indicates that ginger acts as a relaxant for smooth muscle cells of blood vessels and can improve arterial blood flow.


It turns out that such a commonly used cooking herb as garlic can protect your blood. Not from vampires, of course, but from your own hormone called angiotensin II. While used by the body for specific purposes, this hormone however may have two main negative effects. First of all, it constricts your blood vessels, which results in blood pressure rising. It was discovered that angiotensin II also changes the way your kidneys filter blood, which leads to excessive retention of sodium and blood volume increase, with the same overall result of blood pressure increase. And the alliin can neutralize these possible adverse effects of angiotensin II.

Garlic is included in BP Zone because it’s a source of alliin molecules in a biologically available form and is proven to improve both systolic and diastolic blood pressure rates in overwhelming majority of use cases. Garlic is also known to increase the inhibition of such important molecule as ACE and suppress the negative impact of free radicals on the body.


This microelement assists your cells in properly communicating with each other and prevent excessive smooth muscle tension.


Magnesium is a critical element as it maintains the normal operation of your cardiovascular system and the heart. Unfortunately, studies show that the stress most of people are often exposed to due to modern life significantly reduces the magnesium content in the body. BP Zone formula allows replenishing the stock of this vital mineral in your body.


In the USA and Japan, this amino acid is widely used as a supplement for its stress-reducing and chronic inflammation-lowering properties.


This enzyme is another shard in the armor that protects your CVS and vessels from inflammation and the negative impact of free radicals. That’s why it is an important part of the BP Optimizer armory.

This supplement has an all-natural formula that empowers your body to fight free radicals and prevent negative oxidization processes. This mechanism of action allows maintaining your cardiovascular system as a whole and the heart in particular in a good condition. By suppressing the negative processes that contribute to gradual health deterioration, Cardio Clear7 helps prevent the development of various cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).


BP Zone includes this organic compound, which is the main constituent of bile that’s extensively used in the body in digestion-related processes because of its relevance to maintaining your cardiovascular system healthy. Among the biological roles that taurine plays are calcium signaling and membrane stabilization, which are essential for cardiovascular function and maintaining normal blood pressure.

Berberine HCL

This salt is known to improve heart function and reduce fatigue. Therefore, it serves as a complementary element in the BP Zone formula.


While overall health is important for all of us the health of the cardiovascular system and the heart has the top priority. Unfortunately, due to many factors both internal (angiotensin II) and external (heavy physical loads or physical activity lack, stress), the health of our blood vessels is in constant danger. BP Zone is an effective solution for keeping our blood vessels and heart safe in the long run. This food supplement combines natural herbal components, minerals, and amino acids to protect our CVS from negative factors, normalize blood pressure, and maintain our heart and blood vessels in healthy condition without providing adverse effects.

Pr&Co BP Zone


  • Comprehensive natural formula combining herbal and mineral ingredients.
  • Provides quick pressure normalizing results.
  • Produces no side effects.
  • Available at affordable price.
  • Produced at FDA-approved manufacturing facility.
  • Undergoes a stringent control using the FTIR spectroscopy method.


  • Unavailable for offline purchase.
  • Limited discount offer.

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