Breast Actives Reviews: Is It Effective?

If you know what Breast Actives is, then, you’ve probably got concerned about your breast size. According to popular belief, the ideal female breast should fit into a man’s palm, but women dream that this palm should be as large as possible. Deciding to go under a scalpel or a needle is not so easy, and not always justified. But with natural complex, Breast Actives, you can avoid severe side effects, surgical risks, and pain!

In this review, we’ll tell you everything we know about the product, ranging from its ingredients to customers’ feedback. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Breast Actives: Overview

Many women are attracted to the idea of breast augmentation without surgery. Everyone wants to be the owner of a beautiful bust, but they want to achieve the desired result at home with the help of proper nutrition, dietary supplements, exercise, and massages. In the first instance, the desire to enlarge breasts at home is associated with a natural fear of surgery. Surgery decisions are difficult for many women due to personal warnings, fears, and public opinion. At the same time, thoughts about their own inferiority and the desire to have an attractive bust remain.

Breast Actives Reviews: Big Breast in Just 1 Month?!
In an attempt to solve the problem on their own, women start looking for information on the Internet about what can be done at home. On the pages of advertising sites, they come across numerous ads and articles about ways to correct breast size. Each of them is replete with loud headlines and welcome words: at home, quickly and forever, elasticity and splendor, easy, etc. Unfortunately, nine times out of ten, actively advertised products for breast aren’t effective. But it’s not the case with Breast Actives!

Numerous women have already tried Breast Actives and managed to fulfill their dreams about large breasts. The product is actually a combination of dietary pills and a cream. Both aim at enhancing the breast size with the help of natural components only! The complex is absolutely safe, doesn’t provoke any side effects and, according to a huge number of positive reviews, is 100% effective!

What Are the Main Components?

The Breast Actives complex is based mainly on herbs that are frequently used in naturopathy. You will not find any chemicals, artificial substances, stimulants, etc. in the formula. It’s 100% safe and natural!

As the product is manufactured in 2 different forms, formulas differ a bit. The pill mix looks the next way:

Ingredient List Main Qualities

Fennel seeds

This natural component is full of phytoestrogens which are essential for maintaining and boosting breast size: these substances promote tissue growth and regeneration in the breast area, thus increasing its size and enhancing the shape.

Apart from that, fennel seeds:

  • reduce an inflammatory state;
  • improve the circulation of blood;
  • reduce the risk of breast cancer;
  • supports digestion and controls appetite.

Cultivated angelica

The herb manages the endocrine profile in women and eases menopause signs.


It offers a whole host of health-giving qualities:

  • eliminating toxins and free radicals from the body;
  • reducing oxidative stress;
  • promoting tissue growth and recovery;
  • supporting weight loss;
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • supporting the immune system;
  • preventing the development of cancer;
  • decreasing cholesterol levels.

Cnicus benedictus

It promotes the healing process and improves the condition of the skin.

Nasturtium officinale

The ingredient provides the organism with essential vitamins and minerals that are a must-have for breast enhancement.

The Breast Actives cream, in turn, consists of:

  • Almond oil – It moisturizes the skin, nourishes it with essential nutrients, ensures the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Mayweed – The ingredient alleviates an inflammatory state, reduces skin irritation and redness.
  • Safflower oil – It maintains the skin smooth and bright, evens out its tone, promotes the healing of scars and wounds.
  • Saw Palmetto – This plant stimulates tissue growth, thus making the breast larger.
  • Vitamin E – It reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Note that we’ve listed only the potent ingredients for both Breast Actives formulas. For more details, visit the official website.

How Does Breast Actives Act?

The Breast Actives combination provides the next effects:

Breast Actives Reviews: Big Breast in Just 1 Month?!

  • It stimulates breast tissue growth.
  • The Breast Actives supplement reduces an inflammatory state and ox stress.
  • The cream ensures the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • The complex reduces skin irritation, unevenness, redness, and other common issues.
  • The dietic supplement manages the endocrine profile.

Any Adverse Effects?

As far as we know, no adverse effects have been found and/or reported. Breast Actives (both capsules and the cream) consists of organic components only and is absolutely safe to consume on a daily basis.

How to Use Breast Actives?

The Breast Actives dietary supplement should be taken in 2 pills (1 per serving) on daily basis. The timespan between intakes should be at least 12 hours, so it’s better to take the product during breakfast and before going to bed.

As for the cream, you can apply it once a day, massaging it into the breast skin. We recommend doing it in the evening, several hours before going to sleep. Apply the cream and don’t rub your skin afterward: the product needs some time to absorb.

How Much Does It Cost?

On the company’s official page, you will find Breast Actives in 3 packaging options for different prices:

Breast Actives pricing

  • one bottle – 59.95 dollars
  • a 3-bottle pack – almost 120 dollars
  • and 5 bottles – 179.85 dollars

The shipping for bigger packages is free. The company offers its customers a 60-day money-back guarantee in case they don’t like the product.

Customers’ Thoughts on Breast Actives

I take the Breast Actives supplement on the recommendation of my gynecologist-endocrinologist as a prophylactic agent for mastopathy. Also, the yellowish spotting has stopped before and after periods, which makes me very happy.

Etienne N.

The Breast Actives complex is amazing! My A has turned to B! Is stopped taking the supplement a month ago, but the results still remain. Definitely recommend!

Haya L.

I take the Breast Actives supplement on a daily basis, but I always forget to apply the cream. So, I use it 2-3 times a week, I guess. Nevertheless, within a month of using, I see the difference: the skin on my breast and neck is smoother, the tone is brighter and evener than before. My breast looks more voluptuous, and I can feel it’s heavier than it’s used to be. I definitely like the results!

Habiba W.

Thanks to Breast Actives, I’m no longer ashamed of my body! 5 out of 5!

Priyanka B.

Before I started using Breast Actives, my body was almost like in males: I had “tomato breast”, completely flat. But after 2 months of applying the cream and taking pills, I finally see some volume! Will continue using the complex!

Enya A.

Breast Actives has improved the skin condition of my breasts and overall look. I feel more confident and beautiful!

Zaynah H.


Naturally, the breasts are rounded and enlarged during pregnancy and lactation, due to weight gain, and a couple of weeks before the onset of menstruation. Since breast augmentation is a burning issue for many women, it’s essential to understand the “composition” of this subject of complexes (or pride). A woman’s bust is made up of the mammary gland and the surrounding fatty tissue. It is supported only by one muscle – the subcutaneous muscle of the neck, which runs from the second rib to the lower jaw – and the triangle of skin from the base of the chest to the chin. With age, under the influence of gravity, due to diets, during breastfeeding, the skin is stretched. Therefore, the correct answer to the question “What is the way to enlarge the breasts?” comes down to two points: taking care of the firmness and elasticity of the “triangle” plus working with a single muscle. Though the Breast Actives cream perfectly deals with the first task, you still need to do minimum regular activities to support your physical shape.

Despite the presence of the pectoral muscles, it is the subcutaneous muscle of the neck that needs to be given maximum attention in the gym. The pectoralis major and minor, despite the name, are responsible for the movements of the shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, and do not greatly affect the beauty of the chest. Moreover, with a low position of the mammary gland (female type), pumping this muscle, the gland will hang down, like in bodybuilders. If the position is high (for the male type), excessive power loads will indeed give a visual increase in the breast, but the entire chest will become wider. Therefore, the choice of exercise depends on the individual anatomical characteristics. Before you jump into action, you need to find a coach and draw up an individual program. Of the general minimum, push-ups and presses with dumbbells, breaststroke swimming, rowing are the most effective. But it is important to understand that fitness does not increase breast size: it can only change its shape and height. And that’s where the full Breast Active complex comes to the rescue! It’s been tested by numerous customers: all women are satisfied with the results. So why not try it?!


  • It stimulates breast tissue growth.
  • The Breast Actives supplement reduces an inflammatory state and ox stress.
  • The cream ensures the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • The complex reduces skin irritation, unevenness, redness, and other common issues.
  • The dietary supplement manages the endocrine profile.
  • It improves mood and reduces mood swings.


  • The product can be ordered online only.
  • The results aren’t immediate.

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