Melatrol Reviews: Fall Asleep Easier with the Supplement!

Considering Melatrol? Then, you must read this review first! Insomnia is not only a bad night but also a bad day. Usually, people say “I have insomnia” when they experience sleep disturbances and frequent nighttime awakenings. If you complain about lack of sleep but function normally during the day – that is, your sleep is not so bad. Doctors, making a diagnosis of “insomnia”, also analyze daytime performance.

If a person does not follow the daily routine, uses gadgets in the evening, drinks too much coffee, this is not insomnia, but simply a violation of sleep hygiene. So that you understand the difference, insomnia is when there are all the conditions (neighbors do not make noise; the street is quiet; light in the eyes does not irritate, etc.) but there is still little sleep, and a person feels worse during the day. Everyone has sleepless nights. If sleep disturbances are present three times a week for three months in a row, you need to take measures ASAP!
Believe it or not, there are not as many safe solutions for insomnia as one might have thought. Most medications and supplements can provoke severe side effects and even addiction. But there is one option you can be sure about – Melatrol.

Overview of Melatrol – Key Info

Melatrol is a dietary supplement that can influence sleep/wake cycles. It’s based on Melatonin, a unique hormone of photoperiodicity. Naturally, it’s secreted by the pineal gland mainly at night, since its release is inhibited by impulses coming from the retina of the eye, which reacts to light. The amount of its production is small – about 30 mcg per day. The concentration of the hormone, the minimum during the day (1-3 pg/ml), begins to increase two hours before the usual sleep time.

Melatrol Reviews: Fall Asleep Easier with the Supplement!
At night, the concentration of melatonin in the blood is five to ten times higher and reaches its peak by two in the morning; then its amount decreases by seven in the morning and remains very low until the evening. The secretion is strictly subordinate to the circadian rhythm, and about 70% of melatonin is synthesized at night.

Melatonin production decreases with the increase of years. Moreover, the peak of nighttime melatonin levels in the blood is less pronounced in old age. Therefore, Melatrol is highly recommended to people after 50 years old who quite often suffer from insomnia.

The main task of the supplement is to normalize the sleep cycle and balance the endocrine profile. It helps consumers feel more energetic, less irritated and stressed out. It significantly improves mood and overall well-being.

What Are the Main Components?

Melatrol is based mainly on herbs that are frequently used in naturopathy. You will not find any chemicals, pesticides, GMO traces, stimulants, etc. in the formula. It’s 100% safe and natural!

Ingredient List Main Qualities


The hormone is a kind of regulator and stabilizer of all important processes and helps the body to function in a uniform rhythm. It’s responsible for our daily biorhythms. Also, the substance helps to regulate temperature, blood pressure, cortisol levels, sexual and immune function.

Valerian root

It calms the nerves, alleviates anxious disorder, and eases depression. It improves mood and reduces mood swings.


The ingredient eases headaches and migraines, increases serotonin levels, and manages food cravings.


The plant is frequently used for alleviating pain, reducing constant fatigue and anxiety, and normalizing circadian rhythms.

Note that we’ve listed only the potent ingredients of the Melatrol formula. For more details, visit the official website.

What to Expect from Melatrol?

The supplement provides the next effects:

  • It restores energy.
  • Melatrol fights insomnia and difficulty sleeping.
  • The supplement reduces fatigue and brain fog.
  • It alleviates headaches and migraines.
  • Melatrol calms the nerves, helps with anxiety and hypochondria.
  • It improves mood and addresses mood swings.

Any Adverse Effects?

As far as we know, no adverse effects have been found and/or reported. Melatrol consists of organic components only and is absolutely safe to consume on a daily basis.

How to Use Melatrol?

According to the manufacturer, Melatrol should be taken twice a day with a glass of any beverage. The supplement is recommended to be used after the last meal a few hours before going to bed. Thus, it will guarantee deep and profound sleep and a burst of energy the day after intake.

How Much Does It Cost?

On the company’s official website, you will find Melatrol in 3 packaging options for different prices:

Melatrol Reviews: Fall Asleep Easier with the Supplement!

  • one bottle – 49.95 dollars
  • a 3-bottle pack – almost 80 dollars
  • and 5 bottles – 29.97 dollars per bottle ($119.70)

The shipping for bigger packages is free. The company offers its customers a 60-day money-back guarantee in case they don’t like the product.

Precautions for Melatrol

The main component of Melatrol, melatonin, may affect hormonal balance and provoke headaches and even nightmares if taken at huge doses. The supplement can’t be used by pregnant women, people diagnosed with diabetes or epilepsy, and those under 18 years of age.

Customers’ Thoughts on the Product

For more than 1 year, I’ve struggled with difficulty sleeping. I slept just 3-4 hours a day. Simple antidepressants before bed did not help, and I did not want to get used to the heavier ones. I was advised with Melatrol, and this supplement actually helped me. Now, it’s always on my bedside table. After taking, in about 20 minutes, I fall asleep. I read that constant use could be dangerous, so I do not abuse it and take the supplement as prescribed.

Aayat Fritz, 43

I drink Melatrol for insomnia 3-4 times a month. My parents and mother-in-law also take it, since they are already elderly people and are now faced with the problem of sleep. This supplement suited them best. They take it almost every day, there is an effect!

Alfie-James Anthony, 39

At first, when I started taking Melatrol, I felt nothing. Then, I began to close the curtains, and I felt that it slightly works, but only when the light does not enter the bedroom at all. Also, at first, I did not use water after taking the pill. A sip of water in order to take a pill and that’s it, but then my friend advised me to drink at least a glass of water. This supplement is able to enhance the protective function of the immune system and improve metabolism. Its last property is especially pleasant, because with it you can maintain a nice figure.

Usama Mccallum, 50

Works great! After 15-20 minutes, the body is ready for sleep. Do not forget that Melatrol is not a sleeping pill, but a sleep hormone booster that does not turn you off, but simply gives the body a command that it is time to sleep. Therefore, you are unlikely to fall asleep if you watch TV or surf the net. Feel that you are ready to sleep – turn off everything and go to bed, and after 2-5 minutes enjoy sweet dreams.

Safiyah Riddle, 53

With Melatrol, I definitely sleep better. Like it!

Madelyn Trejo, 60


It is impossible to fall asleep “on click”, since sleep is the most passive process. But you can follow a number of recommendations.
Tip 1. Turn off your mobile phone before going to bed: pop-up ads and negativity on the Internet cause increased activation of the nervous system.
Tip 2. If your work is sedentary, you need to move: for example, do not take public transport when you are coming back from work; get off the bus stop earlier and walk to the house. Give yourself at least some regular exercise.
Tip 3. Take a hot bath. A heated body cools down faster, and a decrease in body temperature gives the body a command to fall asleep.
Tip 4. Switch your brain to something extraneous. Try not to surf the net, but switch to listening to music or audiobooks in order to reduce the information load that can interfere with falling asleep.
Tip 5. Do not go to bed until you really want to sleep. Sleeping deeply for two hours is more effective than lying in bed for six hours, of which most of the time will be spent trying to fall asleep.
Tip 6. Move your watch away. If you wake up at night, you don’t need to watch how much time is left before the alarm. Don’t create anxiety for yourself.
Tip 7. Put on a dark mask, earplugs. Play nature sounds if they soothe you. Create the conditions for the brain to be emptied.
Tip 8. Do not have a big meal. Many come home late from work and have a hearty dinner. It is better not to do this: even if you fall asleep quickly, the dream will be superficial and incomplete. Make sure you have a light snack before bed.

For people suffering from difficulty sleeping, these pieces of advice are probably enough to improve their sleep routine. But for those struggling with insomnia, such minor changes would make no difference. That’s where Melatrol comes to the rescue. The main task of the supplement is to normalize the sleep cycle and balance the endocrine profile without damaging the overall physical condition. It helps consumers feel more energetic, less irritated and stressed out. Ready to know other benefits? Then, read till the end!


  • It restores energy.
  • Melatrol fights insomnia and difficulty sleeping.
  • The supplement reduces fatigue and brain fog.
  • It alleviates headaches and migraines.
  • Melatrol calms the nerves, helps with anxiety and hypochondria.
  • It improves mood and addresses mood swings.


  • The product can be ordered online only.
  • The results aren’t immediate.

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