VigorNow Reviews: Regain Your Male Power!

VigorNow Male Enhancement is a unique product that is designed specifically for males dissatisfied with their sexual lives. Many men usually underestimate the size of their penis. A large belly and hair on the genitals interfere with objective assessment. When measuring the penis during erection, it is important to take into account the degree of arousal, since a weak erection may be incomplete.

The growth of the genitals continues in adolescence, so if a young man younger than 23-25 years old comes with complaints of a too small penis, then the doctors simply recommend that he waits for a little.
Doctors consider the penis being too small if its length does not exceed 7 centimeters (~3 inches) during an erection. Penile size problems like this are usually inherited. Some congenital diseases, hormonal imbalances in early childhood can also be their causes. A urologist will be able to establish the exact reason based on the test results.
According to experts, the problem can be talked about only if the size of the penis interferes with the man’s sex life. And if you feel you need some kind of sexual booster or male power enhancer, you are better to check natural options. VigorNow ME can become your saver!

VigorNow: Overview

VigorNow is a fully organic male power enhancer for adult males suffering from premature ejaculation, constant tiredness, and other symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction. Many users claim that the supplement has even managed to significantly increase their sexual organ sizes just in a matter of weeks. Taking into account that VigorNow is 100% organic, does not contain any chemicals, genetically modified products, artificial substances, and other harmful components, it sounds like a drop-dead bargain!

How Does the Supplement Work?

VigorNow Male Enhancement makes its users more confident, sexually driven, and full of energy! All is due to the supplement’s health-giving effects:

  1. The dietary aid normalizes the endocrine profile by regulating testosterone production.
  2. It regains libido and enhances sexual performance.
  3. VigorNow boosts energy and stamina.
  4. The supplement improves the circulation of blood, strengthens blood vessels, and may address hypertension.
  5. This male power enhancer reduces oxidative stress and promotes cell regeneration.
  6. VigorNow detoxifies the organism.
  7. It may promote weight loss and muscle growth.
  8. It ensures longer and firmer erections.
  9. The product contributes to tissue growth.
  10. VigorNow increases sperm count.

VigorNow ME: List of Ingredients

VigorNow is 100% natural! It doesn’t contain any chemicals, genetically modified products, artificial substances, or other harmful components. The potent mix looks the next way:


This trace mineral influences the production of the testicular hormone, thus elevating sexual drive, enhancing the sperm quality and count.

Serenoa tree extract

Also known as Saw Palmetto, it reduces the risk of prostatic adenoma, reduces ox stress, and stimulates tissue recovery and regeneration. It may also boost libido and energy.


It promotes stamina and acts as a natural aphrodisiac.


The ingredient provides the organism with essential vitamins and minerals, giving its enough energy to perform throughout the day. In addition, it improves mood and may address mood swings.

Tongkat Ali

This component may promote weight loss and muscle gain. Also, it stimulates cell regeneration and decreases oxidative stress.

How to Use?

VigorNow ME is made in the form of gelatin-covered capsules. It should be consumed twice a day (one capsule per serving) during or after meals. Wash the supplement down with plenty of water. Do not drink or eat anything after that for 30 minutes minimum. Otherwise, it will affect the product’s effectiveness.

Some consumers claim they take the male enhancer exactly an hour before intercourse and it helps them to perform better. It’s up to you when to use VigorNow, but we still recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Where to Buy VigorNow Male Enhancement? What’s the Price?

Unfortunately, VigorNow can be ordered through the official website only. You won’t find it in pharmacy stores. The prices for the supplement are the next:

Where to Buy VigorNow Male Enhancement? What’s the Price?

  • 1 bottle – $62.50 + 1 bottle for free;
  • a 3-bottle pack – about $100 in total (delivery is for free);
  • a 5-bottle package – almost $120 totally (delivery is for free).

The manufacturer guarantees 100% satisfaction! If you don’t like the supplement’s effects, or the package has been damaged during shipping, you can easily claim a full refund. The guarantee is good for 60 days.

Any Restrictions?

VigorNow can’t be taken by:

  • underage people;
  • female customers (although it’s not clearly stated on the manufacturer’s website);
  • consumers hypersensitive to certain components used in the male enhancer formula.

Besides, it’s recommended to consult an attending physician before using the dietary supplement. Remember that this review is for informational purposes only: you can’t use it for self-diagnosis!

VigorNow Consumers’ Comments – Honest Reviews

I order VigorNow for my husband very often, because this complex has an excellent effect. He’s tried different supplements, even 5 times more expensive, but the effect was zero. When the unpleasant symptoms of prostatitis are more pronounced, he takes four capsules a day. But usually, we try to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations – just two tablets a day. So far, we both are satisfied with the results!

Eli R., 55

This supplement can be used to treat lower urinary tract symptoms caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia. The product contains 85% to 90% fatty acids and sterols, and its effect is better than taking usual vitamins or saw palmetto alone. In addition, it contains lycopene. This formula is very beneficial for your prostate, improves hair growth, and more. The quality is really high!

Vinny H., 65

Perfect quality for its money! Not a bad brand. I take 2 capsules a day. A bottle is enough for a month, for this money it is an excellent product! After taking VigorNow, I wake up in the morning in a cheerful, good mood, full of strength and energy. Recommend!

Ansh C., 55

VigorNow ME works as promised! In just 1 month, I’ve gained 1 inch in length! I feel more confident and want to satisfy my wife more often. 5 out of 5!

Keane W., 39

Bought VigorNow for dad. He is 81 years old, suffers from prostate adenoma and high blood pressure. He started taking the supplement as part of a complex therapy prescribed by a doctor, plus I also added detralex for veins, as there was swelling in his legs. Been drinking VigorNow for a month now. And I want to say there are very good changes! He is more active, more cheerful, even his cognitive qualities have improved, he just came to life! And, accordingly, his prostate got better – he says it physically decreased a little, and urination improved, the pressure has not risen above 160 yet, and this is already good. So, I’ll definitely order more!

Arwen B., 50

This is a strong dietary complex for mature men with not only vitamins but also natural minerals. This supplement is much healthier than just synthetic vitamins. I take VigorNow ME from September to April according to the next principle – a month of admission followed by a month of the break. One bottle is enough for exactly a month, two tablets a day. The capsules are large, as for me, but easy to swallow. This supplement is a full range of essential vitamins, moreover, balanced and intended for a certain category of people. Will definitely recommend it to others!

Sam G., 63

The VigorNow supplement is intended for men. Got it for my husband (58 y.o.). A good supplement for normal hormonal metabolism in men. The capsules are relatively small and easy to swallow with water. My husband takes the supplement 2 times a day, 1 capsule in the morning and evening. The formula is good for vegetarians. Try it and see the positive effects yourself!

 Theresa A., 54

Ordered VigorNow for my husband. He does not suffer from erectile dysfunction, but he started losing his hair actively. For several years, we did not know what to do, until I came across research about Saw palmetto extract. I learned that the body simply lacks vitamins and minerals. My husband began to take VigorNow and some probiotics to improve the microflora. Besides, such a combination promotes nutrient absorption and makes the male enhancer even more powerful. My husband’s hair is recovering (it’s a miracle! I didn’t believe it was possible) though slowly, a lot of time has been lost. Still, slowly but surely, we are moving towards our goal!

Marina R., 49


Quite a lot of men believe that male enhancers like VigorNow provoke irreversible side effects, as a result of which the possibility of independent sex is completely lost. In fact, it is not true! The VigorNow ME supplement does not cause any adverse reactions that would further reduce sexual desire and interfere with its natural process. The product is aimed at improving the blood flow to the sexual organ and helps restore its ability to make love with sex partners. Buying this supplement online is also preferred by men who want to prolong sexual intercourse and improve their abilities in bed. With VigorNow, men feel more confident, try their best for a partner, and can significantly enlarge their penile sizes!


  • The dietary aid normalizes the endocrine profile by regulating testosterone production.
  • It regains libido and enhances sexual performance.
  • VigorNow boosts energy and stamina.
  • The supplement improves the circulation of blood, strengthens blood vessels, and may address hypertension.
  • This male power enhancer reduces oxidative stress and promotes cell regeneration.
  • VigorNow detoxifies the organism.
  • It may promote weight loss and muscle growth.
  • It ensures longer and firmer erections.
  • The product contributes to tissue growth.
  • VigorNow increases sperm count.
  • The product is available in 3 packaging options.
  • There is a refund guarantee that is good for 60 days.


  • VigorNow ME can be ordered through the official website only.

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