How to improve vision and preserve it

Doctors recommend following simple rules to maintain visual acuity. Regular checks with an ophthalmologist will help to detect developing pathologies in a timely manner and carry out treatment. And compliance with the requirements for eye protection and hygiene is to prevent their formation, the occurrence of complications.

Vision check, training and lack of overload

Organ diseases may not manifest obvious symptoms for a long time. To make sure of their complete health, you need to regularly conduct preventive examinations with an optometrist. Experts advise going to the doctor up to 2 times a year. The implementation of the recommendations will help to avoid pathologies, to prevent their occurrence.

Vision check, training and lack of overload

Overload of vision is associated with professional duties and work at the computer. To reduce the negative impact, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • break every hour for 3-5 minutes – at this time you can not look at the monitor;
  • rest at lunch – do not approach the computer for 30 minutes;
  • the displacement of the monitor – its middle part should be below eye level, in this position they are subjected to less stress.

The use of special “artificial tear” drops will reduce the risk of developing dry eye syndrome. Regular gymnastics preserves the health of the visual organs and improves their condition. A simple gymnastic complex should be performed daily, for 5 minutes a day. Regular workouts will help reduce fatigue after a day at the computer.

Nutrition adjustment

The state of health depends on a properly selected diet and sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals into the body. They are necessary for the restoration of damaged cells, the normal functioning of the immune system. Important elements for the organs of vision are presented:

  • Ascorbic acid is used by the body for the growth and regeneration of cellular structures, blood vessels. It comes from lemons, rosehip, cabbage, kiwi.
  • Vitamins of group B – are responsible for the normalization of the functionality of the vascular department. The source of ingredients is onions, carrots, buckwheat, tomatoes.
  • Potassium – is responsible for maintaining stable blood pressure, helps to evacuate harmful substances. The ingredient comes together with dried apricots, prunes, pumpkin seeds.
  • Calcium – is responsible for the regulation of acid-base balance, the delivery of nutrients at the cellular level. The body gets it from sesame, dairy products, melons, basil, dates and dried apricots.
  • Retinol – the component takes part in oxidative processes, normalizes metabolism. Helps in the production and development of young cells. Vitamin A is enriched with blueberries, apricots, various greens, grapes and egg yolks.
  • Tocopherol is an antioxidant designed to protect against free radicals, carcinogens. With its help, blood circulation processes are improved, the formation of cataracts is prevented. The element can be found in sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds.
  • Zinc is used to strengthen immunity, cell renewal, the element prevents the development of certain pathological conditions. It can be obtained from legumes, oysters, eggs, fish products.

To fully compensate for the deficiency of nutrients, doctors recommend periodically drinking a course of multivitamins. It is better to choose a full complex  or use special formulations specially designed for the eyes.

Nutrition adjustment

Additional recommendations

The best way to save your eyesight is to arrange rest for tired eyes in a timely manner. After a week of working at the monitor on weekends, you need to exclude communication with all digital devices. At this time it is better to walk in the fresh air in a forest park area or in a country house outside the city. TV, laptop and smartphone are completely banned.

The young body actively protects the organs of vision with a special pigment melanin, but with age its amount decreases, as well as resistance to the external effects of adverse factors.

The main problem is bright sunlight with an ultraviolet spectrum. The only protection against it is wearing glasses with a filter. It is better to buy them in trusted places where the products are marked and the degree of protection is indicated on them. The most optimal indicator will be 3-4 units.

A full sleep in complete darkness helps the body and the organs of vision to completely relax. If it is impossible to get rid of light sources, it is better to use masks for sleeping. Smoking exerts a strong strain on the eyes – substances entering the body cause a sharp narrowing of blood vessels. The result of addiction is a deterioration of blood circulation, an increase in the risk of developing eye diseases.

Incorrect choice of position when reading also negatively affects the state of the visual organs. You can not read lying down or in questionable lighting – under such conditions, the eyes get tired quickly, experience serious tension.

Constant contact of hands and organs of vision leads to the introduction of pathogenic microflora and the development of infectious diseases. Regular inflammatory processes, conjunctivitis lead to a weakening of vision, the development of dry eye syndrome, the need for constant use of moisturizing drops.

These simple rules and methods of protecting the organs of vision from the negative influence of external factors will help to maintain their performance. Regular gymnastics for the eyes will reduce fatigue, muscle strain, and a full diet will make up for the lack of nutrients.

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