About Twin Rivers

My name is Jim Wilson and I am a pediatrician and neonatologist, MD, and blogger.

I spent my childhood abroad, studying in Canadian and Spanish schools because my parents taught physics and worked very hard. As a kid, I first wanted to be a dancer in ballet, but then with the arrival of a puppy in the house, I decided to become a veterinarian. Closer to ninth grade, I began to realize that I wanted to go to medical school and chose such a direction in medicine as neonatology. In 1999 I went to Pediatric Medical University.

From the first course I wanted to be engaged in the treatment of small children, but my grandmother from the very beginning dissuaded me because this direction in medicine is the most difficult, but with the advent of his family, I changed my profession to the pediatrician, because night duty with family life is almost incompatible. In 2005 I graduated from the State Medical University, then in 2007, I received a degree in neonatology. In 2013 I defended my dissertation “Improvement of methods of prevention and pathogenetic therapy of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in deeply premature infants” (the work was conducted on the basis of intensive care units of newborns).

In 2017, I became a consultant to the university, whose work is aimed at combining theory and practice in the field of medicine. Here I opened a department of clinical immunology and allergology. I told my colleagues about new drugs, treatment technologies, and innovations in the professional field, showing by example how to use tools and resources.

Genetics turned out to be a new field, in which I also got the hang of it quickly. In the field of my interests were work on genotype, elimination of hereditary diseases, strengthening of human immunity. I still consider pediatrics to be my main field of work because helping children is important and the right thing to do.

Physician and blogger

That’s how it turned out. Medicine has become the meaning of my life. Before becoming a physician in pediatrics, I strived to get my knowledge out to people, young people and taught in medical school. Some of my students still meet me and fondly recall my college years, and some of them even come to visit.

I am not only a doctor in a white coat, working in well-known clinics, but also communicate with my patients through Internet resources. I gained popularity thanks to my Instagram page. My blog here has more than 1.3 million followers. This blog covers everything about pediatrics itself. I also have a YouTube channel where I talk about important things about caring for children and keeping them healthy.

I’ve authored a lot of medical articles, with a particularly popular book on how to keep your baby healthy and take care of them in the first year of life. I also have my school where I am constantly hosting webinars with parents. At the moment, I’m working in an obstetrics and gynecology center, writing a huge number of articles and editing medical reference books.

Personal life

I am married. I had a son Robert in 2010 and a daughter Martha in 2014.

My wife constantly supports me in all my endeavors. The most authoritative person for me is my wife, as I always discuss all work points and organizational processes with her and ask how I could have done better.

I have a great sense of the audience mindset and what issues parents are concerned about and on my Instagram pages, I share with my subscribers and personal experiences in raising children.

What do I do today?

Run my medical center.

  • Continuing to heal children and consult with parents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Managing charity projects;
  • I write articles and participate in various health programs;
  • I am a father of two children, a pediatrician and neonatologist, MD, and a blogger;
  • I have a blog on Instagram that is read by over 975,000 parents;
  • I have a YouTube channel where I post videos on the most important things in pediatrics;
  • I teach as a doctor-neonatologist, and I am a member of the charitable foundation “Right to Miracle”, which helps premature babies.

Publications, books, and awards

Working as a doctor, I gradually began to publish. My first book, “Everything about a Baby”, was written in an academic, but easy-to-understand language. After publishing a monograph, which patients helped me with, the author received the degree of Candidate of Medical Sciences without a defense.

I have dozens of popular science articles, reference books, and books to my credit.

I give impactful titles to publications, such as “The Handbook for Sensible Parents.” In full accordance with the advice of the marketer’s titles of reference books written by me, often contain numerals – such as “36 and 6 tips about the temperature” and “365 tips for the first year of your child.

The following can be gleaned from my books:

  • Parenthood is not a feat, but happiness;
  • Children should not be over-packed with drugs; it undermines the health of the nation;
  • It is unacceptable to refuse vaccinations in the 21st century;
  • Washing our hands with soap and water, ventilating the room and our immunity will be enough for most people to defeat the coronavirus.

Readers and listeners address thousands of letters and questions to me.

My methodology for caring for and raising a child is simple, accessible, effective, and adapted to modern conditions and the domestic mentality.

About the coronavirus from my point of view

In my broadcasts, I briefly, but very intelligibly answer a variety of questions from viewers: is it dangerous to walk if coronavirus lives in the air for 3-4 hours, when to test for it, can you cure a new type of virus at home, is there a cure or a vaccine, do antivirals help, what drugs you should have in your medicine cabinet and much more. And somehow the confident voice makes you feel calmer.

The free time for the quarantine period I advise everyone to spend with the benefit of self-education. For example, to study the videos from my channel, which are rather popular. In a day, each appearance with the word coronavirus in the title gets about a million views.