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To get recourse to specific data and site facilities, the User is required to complete a registration form. During registration, this User undertakes to submit required accurate data concerning him (personal information). Management is not liable in cases, as a result of unlawful operations of others, personal information of Member, specified during registration, will become publicly available.

After being registered, the user gets free access to all of the site’s tools. The Member, as the owner of his/her page, is aware that, except for the cases stipulated by these rules and the effective legislation, the administration of the Site does not participate in the creation and maintenance of content, and access control of other members to their private page.

The User shall, in its interests, securely and secretly keep the password it enters upon login. User agrees to immediately inform the administration of any violation of the security of data or any unauthorized use of the final page.

The administration hereby grants the authorization to Users to receive access to the facilities of the site and to consume the site under the observance of conditions:

  • Member has no right to copy and distribute materials on the Site;
  • Member shall not change or modify any portion of the site;
  • The participant consents that he or she will not post information or items (foregoing links thereto) on the Site that may infringe on privacy rights or interests of other parties;
  • Participant agrees that he/she will not do or try to do either of the following: tamper with anything related to security attributes on the Site or attributes which prevent or restrict the sharing or reproduction of any information or impose restrictions on usage of site or information that could be accessed on site.
  • The participant undertakes that he/she will not exploit the Site or any information or materials posted on the Site for commercial purposes unless he/she obtains written permission from Administration in advance.
  • Member undertakes neither to operate nor implement other automated systems (any robots, “spiders” or autonomous readers) that provide services to the Site so that more visits are sent to the Site’s servers in a certain period of time than a person could send in the same period of time using a publicly available standard (i.e., unmodified) Web browser;
  • User has no right to collect, keep, utilize or distribute information about other users.

The administration constantly updates the Site to ensure the best possible experience for their members. Member admits and accepts the fact that form and substance of this Site may be amended periodically, with no notice to a user.

You are liable (Administration is not responsible to the user or anyone other) for any violation of their commitments, and the consequences of any resulting violation (and any loss).

The Administration reserves the right (but is not obliged) to decide whether the information posted by the User meets the requirements specified in these Rules, and may remove or change the relevant information of the User at any time and without prior notice.

The site may contain hyperlinks to other sites that are not owned and controlled by the Administration. The Administration is not responsible for the content and accuracy of third-party websites. The Administration shall also not compensate for any loss or damage which the User may incur as a result of the User’s reliance on the completeness, accuracy, or reliability of any advertising (including advertising contained on the Site). More about this theme can see at https://www.twinriversregional.com/.